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Raijv Bajekal is a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon with special interest in spine/back related problems. In addition to spinal/back work he also treats patients with hip and knee problems and regularly carries out hip and knee replacements as well as offering other specialist services.

Mr Bajekal has been a Consultant since 1998 and consults both privately and on the National Health Service (NHS).

To find out more about Mr Bajekal (including how to make an appointment) or learn about various orthopaedic conditions please click on the links above.

Diskectomy: The operation:

A part of the herniated disk may be removed to stop it from pressing on your nerve. The surgery is done under a general anaeshetic.

It is done through a 3-7 cm incision over the lower back. A small portion of the lamina and the ligamentum flavum are removed to gain access to the involved nerve root and disc.

Surgery is done with loop magnification or a microscope.

The disc fragment compressing the nerve root together with any other loose fragments are removed. The whole disc is not removed. The wound is closed with dissolving sutures that do not need to be removed.      More.......

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