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My private practice mirrors my NHS practice. I am a general Orthopaedic Surgeon
with a specialist practice in low back pain and hip and knee surgery. I do not operate
on feet and shoulders although I am able to offer advice.

I believe patients need to be involved in their treatment, and I am very happy to spend
time discussing treatment options, fears and concerns with them.

Back pain and sciatica

This forms a very substantial bulk of my practice. I believe that back pain and sciatica are often lifestyle issues and often settle on their own. It is important to understand the cause of the pain before treating it and aggressive surgery is very seldom required for back disorders.

Intervention should be minimal and only when necessary. My complication rate is low as I do not do complex operations that have a high risk of complications and a low success rate.

Treatment of Sciatica by nerve root blocks which deliver the anti- inflammatory medication to the site directly is a very effective way of settling the pain while natural ‘healing occurs.’ We know that sciatica has a 75% chance of settling in 4 weeks without any treatment. Years of experience with injection techniques tells us that it has a very low risk of complications and a high chance of success.

Pure back pain is seldom a cause of trouble. More often than not, non interventional methods work well for this condition.

Hip surgery

I offer hip resurfacing as a suitable option for treating younger more active patients. This gives us a very viable means of treating young patients with a successful option which allows revision without its complications of losing bone stock. Hip replacement is a very successful operation and forms the mainstay of my hip practice.

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