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Rajiv Bajekal is a very experienced Consultant Spinal Surgeon. Besides his surgical practice, he is also a Lifestyle Medicine physician. He looks at holistic solutions to patients’ health, empowering them to take control of their health issues and motivating them with his enthusiasm and passion.

Mr Bajekal has been consulting since 1998 and has a vast amount of experience in managing complicated cases. He has extensive experience both privately and with the National Health Service (NHS) and is passionate about making sure patients can make informed choices with regards to their healthcare. His private practice is in conjunction with Total Orthopaedics London, which is attached to multiple hospitals in North and Central London.


Most back problems are mechanical in nature and related to our lifestyle. If pain is intrusive and present at rest, it may require investigations to make sure there is no serious underlying cause. We offer the following treatments to alleviate back related problems:

Patients treated successfully
Discectomies performed
Decompressions performed
Spinal Injections administered


    C W

    Having experienced increasingly painful sciatica and lower back/leg problems I saw Mr Bajekal who advised an operation to correct spinal stenosis which has been very successful and five weeks on I now have no pain plus with a course of physio, I have normal movement and muscle strength again. I found Mr Bajekal to be both professional and reassuring which is important when undergoing this type of operation



    We had our appointment with Mr Bajekal today at 5pm. I just want to say thank you for helping me organize our appointment. He is a wonderful consultant and I’m so pleased we found him.


    What can I possibly say about Mr B ?
    My children call him ‘Magical Bajekal’. He has now saved my life twice in the last 10 years. I’ve had 2 massive disc bulges that have required major surgery. I am a fairly fit person and regularly exercise, so I never expected I would need major surgery.
    I couldn’t possibly describe the pain I was in, or how quickly the pain came on. The condition is very limiting both physically and mentally, as the pain was constant and affected me day and night. Mr Bajekal listened carefully and made sure that I was treated quickly, effectively and with dignity. Both times I have been in surgery within a week of seeing him. Mr Bajekal also made sure that the after care is supportive and proactive, so you understand what to expect as you go through the stages of recovery.
    I am very, very lucky and extremely grateful to him personally and his wider team. Without him I would be facing a life of pain and misery, my life would have been limited as I would have been stuck at home with very limited mobility. I would not be able to work or raise my children without substantial help and support. Mr Bajekal has given me my life back!


    On May 8th I had a steroid injection in my hip.
    On May 17th I  noticed I was pain free and have been pain free ever since !
    Thank you very much,


    I have been to see Mr Bajekal today and he has said he is happy to discharge me. Really wonderful news and progress in five weeks since the operation. I would like to send to him a Thank You Card . Please can you advise the best address to post it directly to him?
    May I also thank you for all your assistance, really has been so nice to deal with you and Mr Bajekal.
    Thanks again

    MR RS

    I had a consultation with  Mr Bajekal following an MRI which showed that my Coccyx was broken and giving me great pain. As always I brought my sheet of medical events and medication; when he saw my “Medical Encyclopedia” he commented that I could get rid of some or most by a change of life. He gave me some names and links to follow and I took his advice and having watched a few videos etc. I was convinced and tried a Whole Food Plant Based  diet with little or no oil.
    I find it quite easy to follow and maintain; I was surprised  when despite being an Orthopedic Surgeon, he seemed to have knowledge about my diabetes and Cardiac issues.  I am glad I trusted him and I have so far lost about 7 Kgs in the first 6 weeks and am continuing. My blood tests (after 6 weeks only ) showed great improvements in my Hb1Ac reading and my GFR and Creatinine levels. I am continuing with this as I feel very confident that a Specialist has recommended this life style. I would gladly report about my results again. I am very grateful to Mr Bajekal for his guidance.

    MR KM

    Mr Bajekal has given me my life back. As an active, working mum of two young children, I led a busy life. Chronic back problems escalated to the point that I was in continuous pain and my mobility was severely restricted. I barely left the house and was unable to look after my own children independently. Mr Bajekal treated me with compassion, understanding and most importantly provided me with resolutions. He always considered my situation and life setup, and suggested the treatments that would suit me and my family best. I ultimately ended up having surgery and it was the best decision I made. I felt fully confident in and fully supported by Mr Bajekal and his team throughout the process – nothing was ever too much trouble for them, and they always took the time to listen. I think this was a key factor in my quick and full recovery. I am currently building my back up through physio, and I look forward to leading a full, pain-free and active life once again.
    Thank you to Mr Bajekal and his wonderful team.


    Thanks for swapping Mum to the Kings Oak Hospital, as well as it being cheaper, I was able to stay with her while she waited in a private room  and the staff at Kings Oak were all lovely, really gave us 5 star treatment. Please pass on our thanks to Mr Bajekal, the procedure has been a great success. Mum went out for a walk on her own yesterday and today, which she hasn’t done for over 6 months and she’s pain free, which is fantastic news, a great Birthday present to herself and worth every penny.

    A S

    It’s Andrew who has been looked after by Mr Bajekal the last 3 weeks .
    I would like to pass on my gratitude for his outstanding service and care .
    I have recommended my father who is in need of a visit . He will call you tomorrow for an appointment.

    P A

    I have undergone two procedures under Mr Bajekal and found him to  be an exceptionally good surgeon. He took the time to understand and address my concerns, and showed a great deal of empathy. His care and attention to my wellbeing, both before and after the procedures was exemplary and definitely contributed to my making a full and successful recovery.

    S W

    I was referred to Mr Bajekal after suffering a herniated disc which resulted in extreme pain down my left leg.
    The MRI scan, interim treatment and subsequent steroid injection were handled very efficiently, sympathetically and with the utmost speed.
    I am pleased to say that I am 99% recovered approximately 8 weeks after the injection. I would therefore highly recommend Mr Bajekal for all his professional services.


    Mr Bajekal provided a very quick and clear diagnosis of my back problem and he and his Practice Manager helped ensure I received timely and effective treatment. The operation was a complete success and I’m very grateful to Mr Bajekal for saving me from a world of pain!



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    Mr Bajekal consults in the following hospitals. Please go through the list and decide what location works best for you in terms of proximity, insurance and facilities. All the hospitals are equipped with state of the art facilities and excellent patient care.

    Rajiv Bajekal is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with special interest in Spinal and Back-related issues. He has developed a pragmatic approach to managing back pain and sciatica with non-surgical techniques, injections and minimally invasive techniques. Mr Bajekal is also a Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and believes in providing lifestyle medicine advice to his patients for better long term health gains and better spinal health. He has been consulting since 1998. He consults both privately and on the National Health Service (NHS) and is passionate about making sure patients are in control of their healthcare.

    Mr Bajekal is a member of the following institutions:

    • British Medical Association (BMA)
    • British Association of Spine Surgeons
    • British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM)
    • Plant-Based Health Professionals